How to choose the best payroll service?

Many payroll specialists and payroll accountants are familiar with the enterprise bargaining and modern awards. It is very difficult for employers to get to know all the changes in laws because payroll legislation is always changing. Greater life balance is required these days because the rates of superannuation are varying day by day and provisions are growing quickly. Symarco payroll is having very good expertise to apply any change related to organization.


Symarco payroll:

It is operating since 1970s across the industries for employers of various sizes. In 2015 Assurance Bookkeeping and Symarco Payroll services were merged to form a new company named SPS Payroll Services. Director of this company is having expertise in payroll services for over 30 years. Both traditional and online payroll delivery options are provided to the customer by our company. Our company can process up to 1000 pays for both small and large clients in one pay run. We are able to process ten thousand pay slips per week. Symarco payroll service is best for client interest due to following reasons:

  • Specialist staff
  • Expertise (to apply changes)
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Melbourne and having 20 year experience
  • For both large and small payroll clients
  • Cost efficient
  • Very tailored solutions

Payroll Service Australia:

It is basically non-core function which is left to thepayroll outsourcing industries and payroll service.Payroll Service Australia is well established and well qualified team of payroll specialists, which are having offices in Sydney and Melbourne both. Payroll outsourcing procedure followed by the Payroll service is very accurate and simple. Outsourcing is the best process to adopt because of high efficiency. There are some significant reasons to outsource payroll services. If employer wants to create their own need pay slips and some payments, they should use just pay slips. Slips and payment includes superannuation payments, all pay slips and salaries. Modern and efficient software like MYOB/QB/RECKON can be used to process payroll easily. Timesheets are fax or email for standard outsourcing. Either customer or the company can pay the superannuation or salaries. For premium online sourcing, timesheets should be entered online. Employees can apply for leave online. They can also check for their leave balances and pay slips. Employee self-service is allowing both above mentioned facilities. Pricing can be done in two ways. One is Standard pricing like 6.50 Dollars for one person per pay run and minimum 30 Dollars for one pay run.Online employee self-service is mostly done by fixing the fee of 80 Dollars for one run in addition to 6.50 dollars for one pay run. Superannuation payment is twenty dollars per month for both pricing methods.

Salient Features

  • Online Employee Self Service

Twenty year experience

Download, check and view balances and slips

  • Online Leave management

Online employee request

Supervisor can approve leave

  • View staff leave on Calendar

Supervisor manages the resources of staff

  • Timesheets online

The Employer will approve all payroll reports.

Time sheets can be set to standard hours by Salaries staff.

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